Art From the Heart.

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on August 12, 2016


ART FROM THE HEART  –  by Cindy Lass


Paintings are my escape, I see and feel things apparently quite child like.

Professor Stan Smith who I bumped into at The Chelsea Arts Club explained after seeing four photos of my first paintings,  why I should carry them in my pocket  all the time.  He said I had my own style, and that I should remember to never have an art class.  So I went from never ever painting to doing these.

I sold out in my first show. I guess people liked the bold colors and energy.


Art has taken me on a road of enjoying being, no rules just letting go on the canvas. I really enjoy different people coming to my studio and relaxing with me to paint. It does give me pleasure for people to smile and say they get up lifted when looking at my work. It’s great fun having different works all over the world, recently neighbors rented a villa in south of France and found one of one paintings there….


Art saved me from feeling unfulfilled.  It’s the only time I can be happy being quiet and at peace with myself. I don’t get distracted…. I go to a place in my brain, or my higher self, and paint with out thinking, just being. It’s the only time nothing is questioned or complicated .


NO BODY INTERFERES with me, my paints and my canvas……..SHEER BLISS”

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