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Tree Hugging with Flash

Posted in Furry Friends
on July 10, 2016


I feel blessed having some of the most well looked after parks around me.  Every morning come rain or shine, I walk my dear doggy. It relaxes my mind and grounds me.  To be around nature smelling the trees, flowers and earth fills me with a sense of being at one with all; watching the birds fly in sync together or a pigeon land on a branch it is all AMAZING to me.

Who created all this with such stunning detail. I love to see my little dog sniff and chill in his own world chatting to every dog, sniffing EVERYTHING!!!

I have learnt patience with Flash, while he has no idea of time he is a very good teacher for me, to learn to breath in the moment

I have at primrose hill laid on the ground to look up and watch all the clouds go by,  it’s so wonderfully relaxing, though I do get up very early to have these moments to myself, its worth it”