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Speaking at the Brahma Kumaris Centre

Posted in Brahma Kumaris, Hearts, Projects
on August 9, 2016
What an remarkable morning. I had the privilege to be invited to the Brahma Kumaris to talk about my art (Anne Frank – Everyone Has The Right To Blossom). It was apparently harmony week around the globe
I assumed in front of 70 different cultured women that I would be talking for about 15 minutes  -a long time later after that I was being hugged and chatted to by all these charming women of all the emotional difficulties they’ve faced throughout their lives. It was so moving that apparently one of the women had to leave the talk and was retching outside as my story of my little life had touched upon her and overwhelmed her.  Georgina Long who invited me sent me a lovely email to say what a lovely vibration and energy was in the room that morning.
I realized that showing raw self, although painful to do help me and everyone else in the room. We all hugged each other and it is a morning I will always remember very fondly. I can now say I am a Woman, who has the ability to have empathy, compassion and loves listening to others



Dear friends,

“Om shanti. At this time everyone in the world is in need of love and honesty. These are things we understand from looking at our own hearts. Put your hand on your heart and check if you have an honest heart. Have you freed yourself from falsehood by making truth your companion? If you have, then that will be revealed through your drishti, your elevated vision. Keep an honest heart and a big heart. If you have a big heart and an honest heart then you will always be prosperous”

With love,

BK Janki

Cheif Dandi of the Brahma Kumaris