Celebrity Flowers

INTRODUCTION – by Norman Rosenthal


How fantastic to find a second Flower Show blossoming in the heart of Chelsea.  Cindy Lass – self taught, but no less the artist for that – has been producing her vivaciously coloured, joyous canvases for the last ten years. What is so refreshing is that Cindy herself has no pretensions to producing great art – she simply paints what she feels straight from the heart. This show allows visitors to see some of Cindy’s best work and to enjoy her recent series of celebrity Flowers, which combine canvas and crystal to heart-jolting effect. Cindy says her only ambition is to make people feel wonderful when looking at her work- I am sure Square One will indeed be full of smiling faces once the magic of Cindy Lass is revealed.!!

Exhibitions Secretary
The Royal Academy

IT Dscreen-shot-2015-10-27-at-12-01-10OESN’T MATTER IF YOU’RE A LATE BLOOMER AS LONG AS YOU DON’T MISS THE FLOWER SHOW! Cindy says If there were no more flowers in the world it would be like the seaside without the sea. I ADORE FLOWERS the smell, colour, different shapes, sizes, detail. Nature is WONDERFUL……..

Famous Flowers 2006

Cindy wants to say a huge thank you to all celebrities for telling her their favorite flowers and kindly signing them to raise awareness and money for Sir Elton John’s Aid Foundation.

Chelsea Flower Show 2006

Cindy was delighted to be wearing a fresh flower hat by queens florist moyes stevens for an extremely cold day at the Chelsea flower show. The fabulous Emma Thompson came along and radiated sunshine!


Celebrity Flower Show 2006

Cindy’s long-awaited exhibition of her series of Celebrity Flowers took place earlier this year (2006) in London. These unique flower portraits were each nominated and signed by an A-list celebrity and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Cindy says: “I am really thrilled that Celebrity Flowers enjoyed such success, but what thrills me the most is knowing the sale of the pictures raised both money and awareness for a fantastic cause. On behalf of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, I would like to thank all those celebrities who made time to share their love of flowers and sign “their” canvases”.