Says Cindy Lass,   I wanted to find a way to celebrate all our hearts beating as one by creating an inspirational exhibition that would not only lift our spirits but support the amazing work undertaken by The Heart Cells Foundation..


The Heart Cells Foundation is a charity funding the research and development of a revolutionary and potentially life-saving treatment that uses a patient’s own adult stem cells to repair their heart.  This regenerating treatment is helping those with Heart Disease. 2016 sees the opening of the Heart Cells Foundation Compassionate Treatment Centre the first of its kind in the UK.  By pushing boundaries the charity is helping to give patients back their lives.


Added Jenifer Rosenberg OBE, Chair and Trustee of the Heart Cells Foundation:   It’s an honor and a privilege to have Cindy working on our behalf. Her dynamism, energy and commitment are boundless. We are sure that everyone is going to be hugely moved by this stunning project, whilst drawing attention to our own work is of course another bonus.


Gallery Different is located in the exciting gallery hub of Fitzrovia, specialising in contemporary fine art by British and International artists across a wide range of genres and media.  This will be the second major collaboration with Cindy Lass for ‘All Our Hearts Beat as One’

Gallery Different hoste this three day event, along with an online auction of the amazing celebrity canvases . The gallery gala opened with over 60 works of art from renowned artists that donated their pieces to raise funds for the Heart Cells Foundation. Along with over 50 small heartfelt canvases painted by a host of celebrities, many of who joined the party.

Cindy Lass and Jon Moss of “Culture Club”


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All Our Hearts Beat As One – the concept

Written by Samantha O’Connor

Heart Art with a difference at Gallery Different in Fitzrovia.

‘ALL OUR HEARTS BEAT AS ONE’ is an exhibition of exploration into the relationship between art and Energy.

Some paintings vibrate with energy. Impressionists like Monet tried to capture light. Futurists like Boccioni portrayed motion and speed. Expressionists like Van Gogh conveyed emotions. These qualities – light, speed, and emotion – are variations of energy.

Energy may be indefinable but it is a universal concept. Some feel energy as a connection with another human being; some perceive it as the brightness or the heat of the sun on an astounding day. Others label energy as a destructive force while still others see it as the genesis of life.

By bringing together this Exhibition of ‘Heart based Energy Art’ they depict energy using color, form, and composition to create inventive and expressive works of art that resonate with impact and feeling. These works pulsate with a mysterious force, whether it is a force beyond us or part of our own elemental humanity, we are all one; within the same particle that creates the whole universe.

Everything is intra connected and the biggest secret of all, is the extent to which individuality is an illusion. Illusion comes from how our minds perceives, my illusion comes from my mind your illusion comes from your mind.

By reproducing the powerful symbol of a heart, All Our Hearts beat as one – the exhibition seeks to act as a reminder of the Quantum physics concept, that something doesn’t exist unless we observer it – and what Cindy Lass has curated stimulates the conscious observer in all of us. Through the act of observing and recognising ourselves as one pumping heart feeding a single body of humanity – All our hearts beat as one. 

The concept of the exhibition, acts as a reminder of both the illusion of separateness, and the illusion of one.  The exhibition, was experience of both, captured within art and energy.



The Journey began on the 13th October 2016  – The event program, a journey through the heart -began with a physical art installations by Darren James, who performed a mellow and melting ‘Raw Cacao Love Ceremony’ that native indigenous ancient Mayans believed, is a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love…ceremonial grade cacao has been used for centuries to unlock euphoric states, release negative emotions, and connect to pure heart energy.

The performance will be followed by the drinking of Cacao in ceremony to reconnect with your deeper inner guidance.

The guests experience of the exhibition was equally enhanced by an energetic geometric, spiritual art installation by Tania, who  created a crystal grid, to ensure the energy in the gallery rooms created an expansive energetic backdrop.Crystal grids are intentional arrangements of crystals designed to raise energy for a specific purpose and focuses the Universal Life Force.

To continue the theme 4 well known mediums delivered personal spiritual readings to the amazed guests.

ALL OUR HEARTS BEAT AS ONE was a surreal exhibition bringing art and energy together, in aid of a unique and valued charity.


 by Samantha O’Connor