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Queens Corgis

Posted in Art from the Heart
on September 12, 2016


What an honor it was, to be asked to paint the corgis for Her Majesty!  I had been painting every Thursday morning with terminally ill children and promised them they could come with me to Buckingham Palace to deliver this painting to the Queen.




I hired a big bus and off we all went. Unfortunately, as I couldn’t tell Her Majesty exactly when I would finish the painting, we were greeted instead by her butler, who was indeed very charming I felt like the real Cinders  (get it Cindy ..Cinderella!)





I called the following day to ask where the painting would be hanging and if I could bring the children to see it. For security reasons they could not allow anyone in to see it although told me that the Queen loved it and it made her smile. It had been hung it in her private quarters.


Cindy at the Palace


Everyone says how did you feel when I painted it, I felt great, it doesn’t matter where it goes however,  The Queen works so hard I’m pleased she’s enjoying it after all isn’t that what art is about passing your energy on to others.”

Tree Hugging with Flash

Posted in Furry Friends
on July 10, 2016


I feel blessed having some of the most well looked after parks around me.  Every morning come rain or shine, I walk my dear doggy. It relaxes my mind and grounds me.  To be around nature smelling the trees, flowers and earth fills me with a sense of being at one with all; watching the birds fly in sync together or a pigeon land on a branch it is all AMAZING to me.

Who created all this with such stunning detail. I love to see my little dog sniff and chill in his own world chatting to every dog, sniffing EVERYTHING!!!

I have learnt patience with Flash, while he has no idea of time he is a very good teacher for me, to learn to breath in the moment

I have at primrose hill laid on the ground to look up and watch all the clouds go by,  it’s so wonderfully relaxing, though I do get up very early to have these moments to myself, its worth it”

Emotion Open my Heart Vlogs

Posted in Healthy Living, Thoughts, Vlogs
on May 10, 2016

Cindy Lass Vlog ” Emotion Open my Heart”

Cindy is in the process of putting together a series of Vlogs, to share and express her take on the world.

Please visit back here soon, as It shouldn’t be long before they go live.

We look forward to your feedback, in the comments section below, or sharing how they might have inspired you.

Best wishes

Cindy. 💕